FreeBird is a non-profit making organisation of volunteer aviation enthusiasts who aim at sharing their efforts with the wider enthusiast community.
Like most aviation databases, FreeBird is updated by a number of like-minded volunteers. As it is non-profit making, charges are based on the costs of maintaining and improving the project. Needless to say, there are no “management charges” assigned to the cost base, hence the low subscription rates. We also aim to generate a small surplus in order to make donations to recognised charities.
Modesty precludes us stating that FreeBird is the best database, but we are quite satisfied that the quality and topicality of the data is comparable to any other database on the market. Some users of other databases also subscribe to FreeBird because “it is more up to date”. Their words, not ours!
For us the most important aspect of FreeBird is that we believe that your sightings are your property. We understand from some enthusiasts that some other databases encrypt user log files and generally make it difficult for them to leave. With FreeBird you press the ‘back up sightings’ button and it backs up to an Access file separate from the database. This can be read in Access or converted to many other formats. Basically you can leave FreeBird at any time, with your sightings intact and accessible, and without any uncomfortable correspondence.